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The Story

A man and his dog were out hunting. The dog notices a pile of bones. Excitedly, the dog runs over to the pile of bones and begins chewing on them. A few moments later, angry that the dog is in his territory the panther begins to creep up on the dog. The dog realizes what the panther is doing and instantly becomes frighten. As the panther came closer in his approach to attack the dog, the scared dog had an epiphany to grab one of the bones in an aggressive manner then spit it out and yell "What a great panther I just ate!" The panther runs away, believing the dog just ate a panther. A monkey that was hanging in a nearby tree witnesses the whole thing and asks the panther "You idiot! Did you seriously believe a dog could eat a panther!?" After the monkey mocks and tells the panther the dog's clever trick, the panther tells the monkey to jump on its back and angrily races back. The dog hears the steps of the panther returning and begins to grow fearful once again. The dog knows it can’t fight against the likeness of a panther and is ready to give up. Yet the dog comes up with another witty idea. Calmly, once the panther and the monkey arrive in close proximity to hear the dog, the dog turns his back to the panther and monkey as he has not seen either of them coming, then shouts "Where is that monkey with that panther, I am starving!?" The panther is once again horrified and runs off again and is never seen again.

Each animal has a meaning. 

Panther- Don't believe everything you hear, go find out for yourself. 

​Monkey- Don't be an instigator

Dog-Use your imagination, no matter what the circumstance our there is allows a way.