The Idea

The idea behind Be Kind Be Generous is to promote writing and video that inspires people. Initially, just named K&G (the initials of two best friends) with each animal representing each friend favorite animal. Upon creating the Logo, the discovery of a Venezuelan folk tale and video of the tale told by David Heathfield added meaning to the already significant project, quickly becoming a Movement. 


The Concept

Be Kind Be Generous is a movement. A quest to bring compassion to the world. The T-Shirts sold on the site are a shared reminder of what it is to be human and the humanity that dwells inside of us all. The T-Shirts and logo represent a story of a Venezuelan folk tale that depicts moralistic values, giving the different animals (the monkey, dog, and Panther) a deeper meaning. Yet, THE STORY goes beyond our T-Shirts. It represents what Be Kind Be Generous is about. First off, we must examine the two words kind and generous. Both words go hand in hand, but are usually perceived as the need to give materialistic possession. Being kind or generous is rooted deeper than materialistic possession, money or anything of that nature. It deals with the side of us as humans that is embedded in us to care, share, and love. To go in depth, using the metaphor "if you give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime" is a superb illustration of a form of generosity and kindness. The idea of teaching or the spreading of ideas that have an everlasting impact is exactly the goal and concept Be Kind Be Generous represents.




The overall goal of "Be Kind Be Generous" is to spread compassionate ideas. Ideas leading to new perspectives and inspiring goodwill. The business approach we have is known as “Conscious Capitalism,” which entails that we conduct business with the benefit of everyone in mind. The practice includes being aware of the consumers, the environment, and employees. As a business we feel that it is our responsibly to be aware of the communities’ we serve and the people who are taking time to invest in our products. Most importantly, we ensure our to provide as positive impact on our community and this world. Our products are our way of giving consumers an option, where instead of buying from a business that is selling you a product for their own benefit, you can buy from a business that cares about the prosperity of us all.



Be Kind Be Generous is a website made to spread ideas, entertain and  innovate a new way to inspire thoughts. Thought the collection of T-shirts, E-Books, Artwork we want to create products that promote  the values of generosity. At the same time we want these same products to be responsible for creating changes within our communities